Todd Pugh

Chief Executive Officer and Founder Office: 330-875-0768 ext.120 Call or Text me: 330-353-1001 Email me

Dave Lint

Chief Operations Officer Office: 330-875-0768 ext.123 Call or Text me: 330-353-5315 Email me

Cyndy Host

Chief Financial Officer Office: 330-875-0768 ext.127 Email me

Michael A. Arnold Sr.

Director of New Business Opportunities Office: 330-875-0768 ext.158 Call or Text me: 330-353-5316 Email me

Brad Garner

Director of Landscape Construction Office: 330-875-0768 ext.157 Call or Text me: 330-353-6547 Email me

Ryan Smith

Director of Operations East Office: 330-875-0768 ext.141 Call or Text me: 330-614-2070 Email me

Jay Kitzmiller

Business Developer and Estimator Office: 330-875-0768 ext.117 Call or Text me: 330-353-3555 Email me

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